Research on Cetaceans and Bioacoustics.


The research team on Cetaceans and Bioacoustics has 15 years of expertise on studies of cetaceans, in the fields of  foraging and acoustic ecology, diving behaviour and population dynamics. It lso investigates marine fauna bioacoustics from invertebrate larvae to large whales. Results are applied to conservation biology in the fields of management of marine protected species and the effects of human impacts such as acoustic pollution or ship strikes. The team is directed by Dr. Natacha Aguilar de Soto within the Research Group on Marine Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation (BIOECOMAC). BIOECOMAC is directed by Dr. Alberto Brito Hernández at the Department of Animal Biology, Edaphology and Geology of the Faculty of Sciences of ULL.


  • Research: with the aim of providing new information of international relevance on the biological characteristics of the cetacean species living in the Canary Islands.
  • Conservation: the studies carried out are focused on demonstrating the ecological needs of the species for conservation purposes.
  • Training: acting as a platform for undergraduate, graduate and master’s degree students from both the University of La Laguna and other national and international universities.
  • Dissemination: by giving talks and producing informative documents on the work that the research group carries out in the Canary Islands.
  • Knowledge transfer: with the aim of incorporating science into Canarian society, we develop citizen science projects with collaborations between the university and companies.